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BEware of imitations

Don’t be fooled by cheap EMT devices which might even be fraudulently called BEMER3000.
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There are hundreds of magnetic field devices that claim all sorts of beneficial effects. Many of these are doubtful, unproven, scientifically unsubstantiated and are at best based on the placebo effect or gullibility and at worst on fraudulent claims. The difficulty in discerning the difference of all those “gadgets”  is one of the reasons why the BEMER3000 is also viewed with suspicion.

Who can discern the highly effective device from a common garden variety magnetic field generator?

 The BEMER3000 is unique in that it was the first Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device that was properly researched and scientifically optimised. In fact, it started off a completely fresh approach to research in micro circulation and required a new paradigm of treating some medical conditions. More important, it is the only device that has tangible, quantifiable and consistent results. But as you know, the BEMER3000 has no real competitors, only admirers.

It is also properly registered by the SA Dept of Health and has been submitted to the Medicine Control Council. (MCC) Furthermore this has been repeated in most European countries (EU guidelines complied with and accredited) and in about 50 countries worldwide.

The BEMER3000 is truly in a class of its own (called BEMEROLOGY) and the work done by independent scientific and medical research institutions shows why.

Just take a look at the improvements on key physiological parameters:
• Partial Oxygen Pressure increase.
• Micro circulation effect.
• ATP production.

A 650 page textbook on micro circulation authored by Dr Rainer Klopp , which consists about a third of BEMER3000 related research results was published recently and has been accepted as a standard textbook at some medical schools in Europe. Parts of this seminal work by Dr Klopp is available in English.

The video clips you can view right here are a direct result of the research of Dr R Klopp and his team at the Institute for Micro Circulation, attached to the prestigious Berlin Charité Clinic.