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These days, more and more people are sick. Yet never has the level of medical technology and never has so much money been spent on maintaining and regaining lost health and vitality. Why are we still mainly subject to “sickness management” instead of real HEALTH CARE?

Vascular ailments, immune system deficiency and age-related diabetes seem to affect more and more people at an ever younger age and other chronic illnesses are rampant. Obesity is on the increase. What are the causes?

Much of the air we breathe and food we eat is certainly not beneficial to our health, while our modern lifestyle also precludes sufficient exercise and proper breathing. The result is decreased cellular energy production which has a detrimental effect on the body’s self-regulation and ability to heal itself. Every symptom of an illness has at its cause a cellular deficiency of some sort, mostly lack of the life-energy called ATP (Adinosine Tri Phosphate)

Proper blood circulation is essential for the body’s cells to receive nutrients and oxygen. Oxygen absorption and diffusion to all parts of the body activates the cellular metabolism, the immune system and other vital processes essential to recover from chronic illnesses, post-operative surgery, injuries and to maintain good health.

Fortunately there is a solution: The remarkable BEMER3000 plus which is a health and vitality device whose time has come!

The BEMER3000 is scientifically validated, proven by millions of applications a year and is registered by the SA Dept of Health. The BEMER3000 was also submitted to the MCC (Medicine Control Council)

Take your time to browse this website to learn more about this medical breakthrough.

Your health, vitality and Quality of Life is worth it.

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