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No matter what age or condition
you are in, if young or senior, if ill or top fit,
sportsperson or lack-of-exercise type person,
you can benefit from a scientifically developed,
medically accredited and proven method of
health care, to maintain, regain and boost your vitality,
physical & mental performance and Quality of Life.

Are you aware of the possibilities of modern
physiological regulation treatment using
the BEMER3000plus system?

The BEMER3000was introduced to South Africa during 1999 and it has helped thousands of people in their effort to maintain and regain their health in case of illness, chronic and acute, fatigue and stress, to regenerate after surgery, accidents or injuries big and small.

With our fast-moving, highly stressful living conditions, the BEMER3000plus certainly improves the regular user’s Quality of Life and improved resistance to illness. See some of the testimonials posted on

The BEMER3000plus provides a modern answer to the most pressing health problem today: boosting the body’s own built-in capacity to heal itself and to enable the body’s own physiological regulation to perform optimally.

Too good to be true? – Well, it is true and it is certainly good if the testimonials on count for anything. Also, tens of thousands of people in over 50 countries already reap the benefits of using the BEMER3000treatment in the comfort of their home: it is safe, it is non-invasive, it has no negative side-effects and it is as easy as lying down on the BEMER3000for 8 to 20 minutes daily.

The science behind it is independently verified, quantifiable, repeatable and consistent. The BEMER3000is Evidence-based Medicine in the truest sense of the word.