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Surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy are accepted methods to reduce tumour tissue, yet they often negatively impact the patients quality of life and harm the immune system

Tumour patients, in addition to primary oncology treatment, should therefore have supporting treatment to assist in preventing relapse and metastasis (spread) of the tumor. These treatments are needed to stabilize the weakened cellular and immune system.

What are the characteristics of Tumour Cells?

  • A lowered cell membrane potential (TMP)
  • An anaerobic metabolism (Low oxygen, highly acidic); accompanying decline of the overall metabolism including the surrounding tissues
  • The undoing of normal cell structures
  • The overall destruction of the immune system


How may the BEMER 3000 affect tumor growth factors?

Due to the extreme variations of the disease, it is impossible to make general statements regarding the efficacy of any treatment, however most scientists do agree on the following points:

While a healthy cell has an electrical voltage (TMP) of -70 to –90 mV, the membrane potential of a tumour cell is as low as –15 to –20 mV, which leads to a lasting energy deficit. This situation is worsened by the excessive and invasive growth of the tumour.

There is a critical lower limit of the TMP, at which the cancer cell has to divide in order to maintain its atypical metabolism. Even abnormal cells have a built-in ‘survival program’, which runs independently from that of the healthy cells and is no longer integrated into the organism as a whole. Through quick and uncontrolled tumour cell growth the negative critical limit of the TMP is achieved again soon, and the division has to be repeated, growing the number of tumour cells exponentially.

Through the BEMER 3000 impulse, it is possible to raise the critically low membrane potential, inhibiting tumor growth, and therefore reducing one of the most critical factors of tumor growth.

Further, the Bemer helps provide an Oxygen rich cellular environment with Oxygen saturation increased by 15% on average. This increase in Oxygen leads to an increase of 18% in ATP production (cellular energy supply) assisting in the regulation of normal cell structures.

The 10% increase in ICAM-1 proteins improves white blood properties, strengthening immunity.

Is BEMER 3000 therapy safe?

Clinical trials carried out by leading Oncologists and reported in the German Oncology magazine (Gabrys, M; 36/2004) clearly showed that the BEMER 3000 did not support tumor growth, instead, tumor growth reduced.

In accordance with the European Observation and Reporting System for medical products, there is no indication that the BEMER 3000 could be involved in the creation or growth of a tumor. (See the subheading above ‘How may the BEMER 3000 affect Tumour growth factors?’)

The BEMER 3000 is recommended as an integral part of complementary medical treatment of tumors and post-tumor treatment since it uses an extremely low frequency pulsating field which optimally provides every cell in the body with ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) energy. This effect is of special impor­tance with malignant tumors since the patient’s body is no longer bio-energetically bal­anced and this may be further exacerbated by clinical procedures.

In Australia the BEMER 3000 is a Class IIa listed medical device, AUST L 97096, tested for efficacy and safety. It has recorded no contra-indications or side effects after millions of treatments in 42 countries.

“The therapy is known to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms, to shorten recovery time after surgery, to minimize the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, and to improve the patients quality of life free of adverse side effects”
– Dr W Bohn

What are the proven physiological effects of BEMER 3000 therapy on the body?

Based on the scientifically proven mechanisms listed below, the BEMER 3000 can con­tribute to the stabilization, or improvement of a wide range of parameters that affect the overall condition of the patient and can make a significant contribution towards the improvement, maintenance and quality of life of the tumor patient:

1. Increase of the reaction capability of molecular and sub molecular structures in the or­ganism by means of the unique broadband signal that initiates a wide spectrum of chemical reaction processes (Kafka, WA).

2. Electromagnetically induced activation of HSP 70, (Jelinek, R) a ‘repair protein’ resulting in the synthesis of the spe­cial proteins responsible for improved, faster wound healing (Preissinger, M).

3. Increase of Micro and macro circulation, resulting in increased oxygen partial pressure, oxygen saturation and the unclotting of erythrocyte clusters in the blood (Malkomes, Ch),

4. Improved metabolism of red blood cells through improving ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) and other energy rich phosphate storage depots (Spodaryk, K).

5. Lowered blood pressure and a reduction in pulse frequency and vegetative relaxation (Michels-Weikili, S) are of basic importance for the overall improvement of the pa­tient’s condition, as well as for the regeneration and activation of the immune system

6. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments may be decreased with the body better able to manage their negative side effects


Improving the Patients quality of life

Recommended use of the BEMER 3000 therapy as a complement for post-operative treatments such as radiation treatment or chemotherapy:

General therapy recommendation during chemotherapy or radiation:

At least twice daily use Level 3 and level 10 after a level 3 application. Level 1 should be used before sleep.

Before a chemotherapy or radiation course:

Follow the Base Program every day followed using the Intensive applicator on P4 over the Liver. Then every 4 hours if possible use the BP followed by Level 10 on the mat. Use Level 1 before sleep. For more information, call the Hotline for support or consult your practitioner.

During Radiotherapy:

The Intensive applicator may be used on P3 on the radiated area to reduce pain and local side-effects.

Post Surgery:

To support wound healing and scar reduction we recommend the Intensive applicator on P4 on the wound area.

“Tumor growth did not increase – it reduced”
- The German Oncology Magazine 
(Gabrys, M; 36/2004)

Further factors improving quality of life

Empiric documentation shows that patients experience less side effects from Surgery, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The BEMER therapy should be regarded as a complementary-medical concept in the tumor therapy.

The aim is to stabilize and improve the general condition of the patient, and to contribute to the patient’s quality of life - free of side effects.

The measurable improvement of oxygen supply and circulation is of basic significance for the overall improvement of the patient as well as for the regeneration and activity of the immune system.

Specifically increased are the formation of anti-bodies and T-lymphocytes, and the production of several of the body’s own enzymes.

What this means is that the BEMER 3000 changes the bodies environment, raising cellular energy, increasing oxygen saturation and oxygen partial pressure, and reducing the acidity level – all factors hostile to tumour cell growth, regrowth and metastasis.

The BEMER 3000 signal also causes an increase in the body’s melatonin production, important to the tumour patient due to it’s relaxing and sleep regulating effects to improve sleep patterns, and also as melatonin may bind free radicals which are produced in higher amounts due to the tumours.

In addition, many bodily functions and pain relief are improved through the anti-inflammatory properties of the therapy.