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& organisational health

Wellbeing plays an increasingly important role in the stressful life of businesspeople.

Stress causes all kinds of aches and pains. It drains your body’s energy. You lack appetite, you cannot sleep properly, you struggle to concentrate. Sometimes you become moody, frustrated, negative, depressed…

BEMER3000 Therapy assists the body to regenerate, mentally and physically, after a draining day.


Progressive companies utilize the BEMER3000 system as the basic physical therapy to transform their employees into balanced, healthy team players capable of high productivity at less stress.

Many companies have to bear the considerable cost of an average absenteeism of 6 to 8 % due to illness, depending on the industry. Health and output of the employees are key factors for the productivity of the company.

The advantages to the company and the employees:

  • Less absenteeism due to illness (by selective health prevention)
  • Higher output by employees (by means of bio-energetic activation)
  • Improved company climate (by means of an improved well-being of the employees)
  • Increased creativity (due to the activation of the metabolism)
  • Supports and improves the effect of other therapies (no side effects)
  • Improves contentment factor of employees and that of the management team (Vitality)
  • Health plays an increasingly important role within any company, and health is relevant in everybody’s job.

BEMER3000 availability for employees by the company has a positive impact on the motivation of the employees and the entire company climate.

Several investigations have shown that measurements taken to "promote" health in the workplace increases the productivity and reduces the absenteeism due to illness. The individual well-being and thus an increased productivity, even creativity along with a higher motivation have an immediate positive effect on the employees.

Progressive companies, in Europe, in the USA, Japan, and Australia buy ergonomic chairs, provide gymnastic classes, give Tai Chi classes and a host of other methods to improve employee well being.

But now organisations worldwide and in southern Africa offer Orthopaedic PowerRecliners with integrated BEMER3000 as an excellent means of improving health in the workplace! A daily treatment is only 8 minutes long and the cumulative effect over the long term brings outstanding health benefits to the employee, and thus company performance.

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