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Animals are designed for motion. Just like modern man, animals suffer from insufficient exercise.

The BEMER3000 VET improves metabolic function, normalizes functional imbalances and activates natural powers of self-healing, thus compensating for damage caused by exertion, lack of exercise and environmental toxins.

bemer dog healthy

The BEMER3000 VET speeds up the recovery time and assists with:

- Fractures, dislocations, stiffness, contusions, swelling and sprains
- Slow healing wounds and bruises, lamings, constipation/digestion
- Nervousness prior to sporting events.
- Circulation and degenerative disorders involving all movement and support mechanisms

The application occurs with 2 coil cushions, which can also be used individually for dogs, cats and other animals. For large animals, the two coil cushions are attached to both sides of the body and – similar to the saddle – secured around the abdomen with the help of a special belt system.

The mat covers are made of a waterproof, washable synthetic material, which is gentle on the skin.



Consists of the following:
Control Device supplied by integrated rechargeable battery
Two coil mats
Intensive Applicator
Special Light Applicator (SLA)
Carrying bag