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Successful Elite Athletes Have Confidence in the BEMER System

Improved performance and faster regeneration are convincing factors for the users

For many years now BEMER devices have been the constant companions of numerous athletes in competitive and high-performance sports

The proven BEMER application increases micro-circulation and significantly improves the flow characteristics of the blood. Muscle cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. The supply of energy and the removal of metabolic waste is improved. Sports fitness following competitive events can be more rapidly restored.

Prof. Dr. med. Winfried Banzer from Frankfurt: "Improving microcirculation through BEMER application can have a crucial effect on the fitness level and training programme of sportsmen and women."

Benefits of BEMER to the athlete

BEMER improves performance Adequate warming-up of the muscle tissue is essential to ensure peak performance, but it expends valuable energy. If the muscles are warmed up using the BEMER system, the saved energy is available as additional energy for competition and training.
BEMER makes faster regeneration possible By activating the metabolism, hardening of the muscles is prevented or decreased. This reduces incidents of torn muscles and ligaments. The regeneration phases between sporting activities can be shortened. As a result, more training units can be completed within the same space of time. This increases the fitness level of the athlete in addition.
BEMER prevents sports injuries BEMER therapy positively influences the healing processes of damaged, ligaments and tissue. Traumatized tissue and oedema are reduced significantly faster. Thus sports-related disabilities and chronic conditions can be prevented.

The BEMER3000 has been accredited by the Olympic Committee and used in the Olympic Games since 2000. The BEMER3000 is also used by cyclist in The Cape Epic Mountain Bike Event in the Western Cape.

Big names in international sport also use the BEMER3000 regularly and swear by it, because it works!

Unfortunately we may not use their names on this page as we simply cannot afford their sponsorship fees, but just give us a call and we’ll tell you!

Many top Soccer, Rugby and Cricket teams use the BEMER3000 too and their physios are impressed. So are the players.



Karin Möbes
Swiss and World Winter Triathlon Champion
“Fractions of a second matter!”

“Why do I always have my BEMER 3000 in my hand luggage?

Above all, after hard training or a contest it provides me with faster regeneration and prevents muscle fatigue.

A strong immune system is vital for optimal health and the Bemer gives me that support the whole year round. By preparing my body I am able to save 1/3 the energy normally taken in the warm up before a contest, allowing me more energy and endurance in the competition. ”I use the intensive applicator substantially for preventing and treating injuries”

Karin Mobes Bemer


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