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BEMER3000 fits in

The BEMER3000 interacts with and energizes every cell in your body simultaneously! Lack of cellular energy is the common underlying cause of most chronic ailments, fatigue and pain conditions, slow wound healing and many acute conditions.

By increasing cellular energy, BEMER3000 treatment has been shown to improve cellular performance which facilitates the body’s inherent ability to self-regulate its important physiological parameters and heal itself by:

  • Improving blood circulation (micro and macro circulation). See movie clip below
  • Strengthening the Immune System through increased T-Cell release. See movie clip below
  • Increase in oxygen partial pressure.
  • Improving blood viscosity
  • Improving cell metabolism and ion pumping

Positive results of BEMER3000 treatment are consistently and repeatedly achieved over a wide spectrum of ailments and conditions:

  • recovery from chronic illnesses and pain relief for many conditions,
  • faster post-operative recovery,
  • improved wound and fracture healing,
  • improved performance in sport applications, quicker regeneration after high intensity training or -competition, lower risk of injury, shorter warm-up time.
  • improved sleeping patterns
  • stress relief as well as physical and mental performance enhancement
  • general maintenance of health and vitality
  • improves quality of life in terms of well being, vitality and health for older people, bedridden patients (bedsores), the physically disabled and the highly stressed!

BEMER3000 therapy is so successful because it boosts and balances energy deficiencies in a gentle and natural manner by using an exactly dosed pulsating electromagnetic field. Significantly, it treats the cause, not just the symptoms by effecting self-healing at the cellular level. Cells are energized; the metabolism is activated, and when your cells are healthy - you are healthy and the often painful symptoms are alleviated, and often removed completely.

BEMER3000 is safe, with no known negative side-effects and few contra-indications (Organ transplants and aneurysms being the only two serious ones).

Dark-field microscopy:  
After just two minutes of application, isolation of red blood cells improve blood-flow and oxygen carrying capabilities.

before after