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You consist of about 1000 000 000 000 000 electrically charged cells, which work in harmony and order when supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The detail of the biochemistry at cellular level is extremely complex, but the cells are in its essence the power of your life. The energy in chemical form (Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP) is generated inside the cells in a fascinating, but complex process.

Our contemporary fast-living lifestyle produces several negative characteristics for our cell’s proper function: high stress causes high acidity, many ingested toxins disrupt cellular chemistry, poor eating habits provide less than optimum nutrients, lack of exercise and shallow breathing reduce the oxygen intake and further hamper the effective cellular metabolism. Simply put, ATP production goes down.

These adverse lifestyle and illness conditions reduce the availability of the cells’ basic requirements of oxygen and nutrients, which in turn is detrimentally affecting the performance our of cells by making them acidic and severely curtailing their energy (ATP) production. Hence, cellular functions and complete organs operate at poor efficiency over long periods of time. After a couple of decades of this, the cells simply “give up” to put it in non-medical language.

The result of these dysfunctional cells: A decrease in vitality, degenerative processes, chronic diseases and higher susceptibility to infectious diseases. It works the same way in animals too.

The BEMER3000 simply enables the poorly functioning cells to get back to a regulated state and subsequently the body can often heal itself. But it’s not the BEMER3000 that does the healing – the BEMER3000 only enables the body’s cells to obtain the required oxygen by significantly improving the blood circulation. Scientists and medical practitioners are amazed that a non-pharmaceutical product with no negative side effects, can achieve this in such a simple manner.